“8 years of experience. over 2000 projects delivered. clients in 48 countries. these numbers don’t make us. what makes us is that we still have the same excitement starting a new project – as if it was our first one.”

  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • PHP Development
  • .Net Development
  • Web Development
  • Brand Development
  • 3D/2D Design and Animation
  • SEO – SEM
  • Reputation Management
  • Flash Design/Development
  • Custom Software Develoment
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Video Editing
  • Chatting Software

Website Development

Developing a website is like cooking seventeen three-course dinners at once. Not to worry, though, because we can give you the best chefs in India. And while we can and will deliver you the best quality, we also feel it is important to keep you in the loop.

Website Designing

Are you tired of your mundane, nondescript website? Is it beginning to look like your website is being dwarfed by bigger companies’ sites? Is your company’s size and potential not reflected in your website’s size and potential? Or are you simply starting to notice ‘www.’ all around, and wondering if you should be getting your business online?

Brand Development

Your company’s brand can be likened to a face—a telling and important component of the overall package. Branding has never been as important as it is today. With the exponential growth of internet uptake, existing and potential customers have access to an unlimited amount of information and, importantly, choices.

Flash Development

Competition online is staggering. Between the colorful disco of amateur blogs and the monolithic home pages of corporate giants, it sometimes seems impossible to stake out your share of the web. We at Miracle have the expertise to see that change, and we’re offering you an affordable way to mark out your company’s online territory.

3D Modeling and Animation

 Not entirely sure what 3D modeling is, but interested in adding it to your website? Good idea! Graphics and animation can greatly enhance a website’s appearance and overall effect on its visitors. We have a large variety of software here at Miracle Studios, which allows us to create a boundless supply of graphics, animations and models for your website.

Reputation Management

With great power, comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility, comes a great need for reputation management. So you’ve set up your web presence. You’ve got a strong brand image, a breathtaking website and growing popularity. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is not only a platform for you business.

Mobile Application

Part of what we do here at Miracle Studios is stay on top of the technological game. In this day and age, that entails moving beyond the PC and further towards mobile platforms. We would like to take you and your company with us.

Search Engine Marketing

 Tell us, how did you find our website? Chances are that Google, Bing or some other search engine led you to us. Those things are useful, aren’t they? Now wouldn’t it be great if that same search engine were working for you? Well, we can make that happen.